Our Covid-19 Policy

Please read through our Covid-19 policy and guidelines before your appoinment

Upon arrival of your appointment:
  • Sanitize your hands when entering the salon.
  • Wear a face covering mask or you can also purchase one in salon for €1.
  • Arrive for your appointment on time.
  • Please do not bring anyone with you.
  • If you are early please wait in the car until appointment time.
  • The salon will have extra ventilation so please expect the temperature to be a little lower than normal.
  • Please feel free to read our Health & Safety Statement below.
Please do not come in if you are feeling unwell, if you have been in direct contact with somebody who has the virus or if you have recently returned to Ireland from abroad.

Health & Safety Statement

We have taken every step possible to ensure your visit is safe and comfortable

General Hygiene Practice:
  • All surfaces touched by clients during their appointment time slot are wiped down with antibacterial solution afterwards. These include: door handles, reception desk, nail bar & seat, toilet, sink & tap, couch, makeup chair & table.
  • The beauty couch is wiped down after each client & fresh couch roll is placed on top at the beginning of each treatment along with a fresh towel if needed.
  • All floors are washed & disinfected at the end of each day & any towels used are laundered at 60 degrees. Fresh towels are put out at the start of each day & are changed (if used) after each client.
  • Any implements used on a client are sanitized before & after treatment and are put into a Barbicide solution to disinfect which is changed daily. These include; nail clippers, cuticle nippers, cuticle pusher, tweezers.
  • Nail files are sprayed with sanitizing solution before & after use on each client.
  • Foot files are disposed of & a fresh insert is used in the footspa for each treatment.
  • For waxing treatments all spatulas are disposable & I operate a no double-dipping policy for hot wax to ensure maximum cleanliness & client protection.
  • Cool wax (legs) is applied by roll-on & these are cleaned & sanitized after each client to ensure a safe hygienic waxing experience.
  • Wax pots are cleaned at the end of each day & wax is boiled for 30 mins to ensure any bacteria present is eliminated.
  • Therapist wears gloves at all times during a facial for client comfort, hygiene & safety. All products on the facial trolley are wiped down after treatment.

Implements used for extractions are sanitized & placed in barbicide solution to disinfect. Bowls are washed in hot soapy water & sanitized after use.

All other equipment used is disposable: hairnet, spatulas, cotton buds & cotton wool.

Towels used are laundered after treatment at 60 degrees.